4 Point Inspection Florida

Thomas Battoe, a licensed State Home Inspection Contractor with Home Pro of Mid Florida, Central Florida's premier home inspection company serving Greater Orlando for over 25 years discusses insurance - more specifically homeowners insurance in the state of Florida. Insurance companies, being for … [Read more...]

Mold Inspection Orlando

Today I would like to offer you help with one of the most common home dangers to your home this time of the year: MOLD This is a wonderful time of the year for those of us lucky enough to live in Central Florida. The weather is just right to turn off the A/C and open the windows. The night … [Read more...]

Florida Wind Mitigation

Today John goes over florida wind mitigation, why you may need one. There are a number of things that are inspected Building Code that was in effect when the house was built, the roof covering, roof deck attachment, roof to wall connections, roof geometry, and much more. Once all those aspects … [Read more...]

Orlando Home Inspection

You’re likely having some taxing days if you’re purchasing a home. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there … what if something is wrong with the house you bought? In this video, they answer the question, “How to find a Good Home Inspector online?” This is something you’d want to have done the right … [Read more...]