4 Point Inspection Florida

Thomas Battoe, a licensed State Home Inspection Contractor with Home Pro of Mid Florida, Central Florida’s premier home inspection company serving Greater Orlando for over 25 years discusses insurance – more specifically homeowners insurance in the state of Florida.

Insurance companies, being for profit entities, are continually evaluating and adjusting their risk tolerance and the pricing for their products. If you are considering purchasing a home and need to place insurance or a homeowner looking to spend as little as possible on their annual insurance budget you may be required to get an insurance inspection if your home is at least 20 yrs of age or older.

Insurance Inspections, also known as a 4 point letter, is a written form with corresponding photos that documents the age, life expectancy, and type of materials used for the roof covering, HVAC, Electrical, and plumbing systems in the home. Insurance underwriters want to make sure that these components are in good working order and that, with reasonable maintenance, will continue to perform, or not need replacement in the case of a roof for a minimum of 3 to 5 years.

Furthermore, they want to verify that the house does not contain obsolete or defective materials such as Polybutylene water supply tubing or Federal Pacific electric panels. Product such as these have been known to fail, cause property damage, and increase liability.

The purpose of obtaining this information is to primarily ensure that the house is safe, as well as to minimize the possibility of a claim being filed against the policy for a minimal time following the purchase of the policy, due to inoperative or worn out components.

If you need a 4 point insurance inspection done on your existing home, or one that you are purchasing please call (877) 641-4776 (4PRO) and let HomePro of Mid Florida help you with your insurance inspection needs. Our fully trained and experienced office staff will be happy to answer all of your questions and to schedule your inspection on a day and time that is convenient for you. For a concise list of inspectors and their extensive qualifications, as well as extensive inspection information and online scheduling.

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