Fannie Mae Adopts New Energy Improvement Feature for Mortgage Loans

Fannie Mae had previously dropped its Energy Efficient Mortgage feature. It has replaced the feature with a new Energy Improvement Feature. web archive . The new feature only applies to the upgrading of an existing home through a purchase or re-finance mortgage. google down The features of the new Fannie Mae product are:

* The financing of energy improvements found by a RESNET Home Energy Rating to be cost-effective of up to 10% of the as-completed appraisal. This amount is subject to standard Fannie Mae LTV, CLV and HCLTV ratios.
* The cost of the home energy rating can be included as the cost of the energy improvements.
* Appraisers will be responsible to determine the as-completed value of the home based upon the energy improvements that were made.
* Appraisers will also be responsible for verification that the energy improvements being financed were completed.
* Only single family homes qualify.

The rating software programs will remove the old Fannie Mae reports and replace them with the new report developed by Fannie Mae.

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