Home Inspectors for Mid FL Home Buyers

For most of us, a home is one of the largest investments we will ever make.

Orlando Home InspectorsWhether you’re buying for the first time or well versed in the buying process, one of the best ways to know you’re making a sound investment is to find and hire a qualified home inspector. HomePro Inspections is the Orlando Metropolitan area’s most respected and trusted leader in home inspections! You can be sure that our inspectors are working exclusively for you, the home buyer. Before you buy, our experts will make the process easier by empowering you with knowledge and peace of mind.

If you’re building your dream home, consider putting HomePro Inspections on your team! Imagine how helpful it would be if you had an expert looking out for your best interests while your home is under construction. As Certified Real Estate Inspectors, we will monitor the construction of your new home, phase by phase, and provide the necessary input to you and your builder before costly mistakes occur or change orders become a part of your life. Building a new home is one of the greatest experiences in life – but you need not go it alone! Put HomePro to work for you as your Certified Orlando Home Inspectors!

We Can Help – Our Services

A quick overview of what we can do for you.

Getting Ready to Sell a Home

A few things that you can do to increase the selling price of your home.

15 Minute Walkthrough Guide

Please feel free to print this guide and give to your clients to use as they view homes. – PDF

Average Replacement Costs

This helpful list gives the costs for common home repairs and replacements. Please feel free to print out this page and give to your clients.

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