Tile roof turrets: the good from the bad

Sometimes when walking a roof you encounter some unusual things.  For instance, while inspecting a 5600sq house with a tile roof I came across a turret installation that did not quite look right.  It appears during original construction the roofing contractor decided to install the turret without ridge breaks.  As the tile graduates it gets smaller, like small pieces of birthday cake.  As the tile closes in on the peak, the slices get smaller.  Well that is how it works in theory, until you work roof tile.  I suppose that the workman could make this happen if time is spent and detailed properly with accurate cuts and placement.  However, this application is a shortcut and the installation is quite messy.  Notice the mis-sized pieces that have gaps in between?  Not only can the small pieces of tile blow off  but the 90lb underlayment is slowly degrading with UV exposure and thermal shocks.  Tile roofs are designed to last at least 60 yrs.  This turret may stay water tight for 10 then the underlayment will have to be replaced.  I guess if the original homeowner got a thorough inspection prior to closing w/ the builder this would not be on his plate to fix.

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